Department of Cartoon / Animation


Cartoon and Animation Department a quadrennial education program and accepts 60 students for each academic year. The courses given in this program consists of two and three dimentional motion graphic applications for both television and cinema. Taking courses related with television and cinema broadcasting, the students are educated as members to fill the gap of the industrial sector’s needs and they are also trained as equipped individuals to avail the process of development and improvement of our country’s economical progress. The educational environment is prepared to meet the mentioned needs.

In recent years, the lack of animation artists (animators) within the visual communication sector (private television, animation and multimedia production companies, advertisement agencies etc…) gives an opportunity to our major of art students. With the further developing technology, the art of cartoon & animation turned into a production process with great deal of changes in basic and varieatal quality and it has improved the visual language and usage area.

Head of Cartoon / Animation Department
Assoc.Prof. Dr. Nazik ÇELİK YILMAZ


Last Update Date: 19 January 2021, Tuesday