Kütahya Dumlupınar University Faculty of Fine Arts is an institution achieving success both at  national and international area aims to construct an art / design education  which is based on contemporary, aesthetic concerns,   thinking critically, producing for the benefit of the individual and society, creating a society that grows with the awareness of citizenship as an indispensable element of economic development, constantly renewing itself, increasing new art / design products  was founded by the  No. 6923 dated 11.03.1999 of the Ministry of Education Law No. 2809 on the additional 30. according to the article of the Council of Ministers dated 12.03.1999 and 99/12628 numbered Council of ministers with the decision of the Council of Higher Education dated 12.06.1999 and B.30,0.EÖB. was opened in three sections, 20.04.2000 history of the Board of Higher Education and B: with their numbered approval, 40 students were enrolled in the graphics department in the 2000-2001 academic year and started their education activities. In the 2003-2004 academic year, 20 students were enrolled in the graphics department and 20 students were enrolled in the painting Department. In the academic year of 2019, total of 164 students in Visual Communication Design Department, 82 in daytime education, 82 in secondary education, total of 80 in Painting Department, 40 in daytime education, 40 in second education, total of 60 students in the first education in the Department of Cartoon Animation,  total of 40 students in Ceramic and Glass Department in the daytime education  were accepted.
The physical infrastructure of our faculty is strengthened with each passing day and enriched with the technological infrastructure and equipment required by the age  to meet the needs of the students. In this context, 58 MAC-based computers and 160 PC-based computers, 50 drawing tablets, Web-based TV Studio, Gravure Printing, Screen Printing, Photography etc. many workshops are available to students. Printing workshops are equipped in such a way that both relief, intaglio and flat printing techniques can be applied. In the workshops of Painting Department and Ceramics and Glass Departments, the classrooms that students can use at the level of knowledge, as well as the necessary tools and equipment needed by the students, are  met by the faculty.
The usage area of our faculty building is approximately 22000 m2. In addition to 65 m2 workshops, 70, 142 and 327 m2 workshops are available in our faculty. In addition to the workshops, there is a study office and a library where students can work in their free time. There are also two 327 m2 exhibition halls, 4 amphitheaters, 9 theoretical classrooms, a cafeteria and a refectory for events.
DPU Faculty of Fine Arts is organizing many activities at national and international level. “Cartoon Animation Festival  traditionally held for the 13th time in 2019, “Ahmet Yakupoğlu Painting Competition held for the 4th edition in 2010“, International Democracy Festival Art Workshop and Exhibitions”, “Posterland.org, International Organ Donation” International Poster competitions, “Ahmet Yakupoğlu Symposiums”, “Cartoon Animation Symposium”, “International Symposium on Communication in Design and Design İletişim. Together with the other activities, the total number of activities carried out by our faculty, including 2019, reached approximately 500. Exhibitions constitute the most important part of these activities.
In addition, participation is provided to artistic and cultural organizations (biennials, fairs, exhibitions, workshops, etc.) in big cities, and cultural and educational museums, historical sites are organized. The fact that Kütahya is close to major cities (Istanbul, Izmir, Ankara, Eskisehir, Antalya, Konya, Bursa, etc.) facilitates access to these faculties and provides an advantage for students.
If students choose our faculty to study, they will first be educated in a campus that is rare to their peers in Turkey and in an environment where architectural structures have identity. In addition, the students will be able to study in a suitable atmosphere in an adequate environment in terms of infrastructure and equipment with large spaces. If the students who are studying in our faculty meet the requirements, they will be able to gain the opportunity to study abroad through the “Erasmus Plus” student exchange program. In addition, students will be able to make a double major through integration between departments. With the suggestions of our stakeholders and academic staff, students will be able to have professional skills and skills and be able to bring solutions to the problems they face in real life.

Last Update Date: 17 November 2021, Wednesday