Prof. Dr. Levent MERCİN 

       He was born in Ceyhan country of Adana in 1968. His first middle and high school education in Ceyhan; He completed his undergraduate, graduate and doctorate education at Gazi University. he became an associate proffessor In 2011 and an professor in 2018. He has assigned in various projects (23) in European Union, UNICEF, UNESCO, Development Agency, BAP, Public and NGO projects. He organized many cultural, artistic and design events, both academically and socially, at national and international levels. He worked as a coordinator / editor and writer in the development of the Ministry of National Education Curriculum (Three Lessons) and the preparation of teacher materials (two). He participated in over 100 mixed exhibitions 9 of which 13 personal exhibition 9 abroad. His works have been included in collections of various institutions both abroad and domestically. He has 13 published books and 100 scientific publications. He works in the fields of visual communication, graphic design, art education, museum education and animation. Mercin, who has many administrative duties such as department and ASD presidencies, has been working as DPÜ GSF Dean since 2019

Last Update Date: 17 November 2021, Wednesday