Ceramic and Glass

Ceramic Arts Department started teaching and teaching with the quota of 30 students in 2006-2007 academic year. The general purpose of the program; individual centered, open to scientific thought, original identity, questioning, innovative, creative artist candidates. Ceramic student not only learns the technical applications of the field of art during his four years of education but also grows up as a technically and theoretically equipped artist candidate by gaining a cultural, philosophical, historical and social perspective in the field of art.
The aim of our department; to educate contemporary artist candidates that will bring out original works at universal level and to continue their theoretical and practical education in an environment that will enable our students to improve their creativity by emphasizing their specific sensitivities.
Ceramics Department is important in terms of developing new artistic and cultural activities on the axis of development of contemporary aesthetic anxiety and appreciation in Kütahya province. Department of Ceramics, Turkish Art; from the local aesthetic point of view, to the economic values ​​and new artistic theories that will create competitive advantage in the universal line and world-wide. "To develop new artistic theories in the context of the creation and development of contemporary aesthetic anxiety and appreciation in society, and to provide opportunities for our students to express themselves by revealing their free thought and creative powers".

The Ceramics Department is experiencing the excitement of giving its first graduates in 2010. As of today, the number of students who continue their undergraduate studies is counted; 28 in class I, II. class 23, III. 28 in class, IV. 23 in the class and a total of 106 students, 4 of whom are also students of adjustment.

Head of Department
Prof Nurettin GÜLAÇTI
Chief of department
Assoc.Prof. Ismet YÜKSEL 
Last Update Date: 19 January 2021, Tuesday