Visual Communication Design

Kütahya Dumlupınar University Faculty of Fine Arts Department of Graphics has begun to education in 2000-2001 academic year. In 2014, the Department of Graphic Design was renamed the Department of Visual Communication in order to develop interdisciplinary approach philosophy, effective use of multidirectional communication channels and development of new media tools. Accordingly, 40% of the courses and contents were updated. Additionally, depending on this change, physical equipments which belongs to department are enriched.

KDPU GSF (Faculty of Fine Arts) Visual Communication Design Department considers visual communication design education as one of the indispensable elements of building a modern society and economic development. From this poing of view, the tasks of our department are; visual communication design; From the local point of view, it is possible to create new visual communication design products and new design theories that have economic values ​​which will build a competitive advantage in the universal line, to gain visual literacy, to benefit from different disciplines, taking into consideration the original and social responsibility; use the knowledge and technology of the age together; who knows how to benefit from local and universal values; develop solutions to problems in the field of communication design; is able to think critically, develop his / her own existence in national and international fields, and develop philosophically equipped individuals with an aesthetic sensitivity.

Since our department establishment, it has been renewing itself continuously and increasing its success in national and international fields with its new design products. In this respect, creating an education environment that can reveal different and original visual communication design products; to train individuals who are self-confident and can create future-oriented projects; to develop or update programs for the areas that our country needs in the field of visual communication design in the socio-cultural and economic sense; It also aims to provide the physical environment that follows the technology and can be used in the best way. In this context, our department has built a web based broadcasting TV Studio that none of visual communication design department has in Turkey. 

The period of study of the Visual Communication Design Program is four years (eight semesters) and in the first year of this program, theoretical courses such as basic art education and design, as well as the history of culture-art and history of graphic design are included. In the upcoming years, vocational courses such as interactive design, illustration, animation, etc. are increased within the percentage of the program and the lessons are processed using technological tools.  The aim of the course is to enable the students to achieve the desired level of education, to produce accurate and fast solutions for communication design problems, to prepare reports and to present them.  At the same time it is aimed to students will learn the visual communication design processes, to present their designs to customers and design all the problems that can be solved with their own skills. In addition, with the obligatory internship in private sector or public institutions related to field education, our students increase their professional experience and skills by doing some of their lessons in real environments.

In recent years, our department has created an advantage for both program students in the visual communication design sector (television, animation and multimedia production companies, advertising agencies, design centers etc.).

Students who graduate from our department, can be a teacher in public institutions, if they receive pedagogical formation certificate (only graduates of visual communication design program) can be teachers, as well as their own advertising agencies can be set up. In addition, advertising agencies, printing houses, publishing houses, TV channels and multimedia companies, humor magazines, animation and game studios, advertising films, video, creative text, motion and audio, communication industries such as the use of industries, companies in design centers, industrial production of advertising and promotion of factories. They can be employed as a graphic designer in many sectors departments.

Head of Department
Prof.Dr. Levent MERCİN
Head of Department Assistants
Asst.Prof.Dr. Muhammed Said TUĞCU
Lecturer Figen YAVUZ
Last Update Date: 26 December 2022, Monday