The Department of Painting began training and education with a student quota of 20 students in  the 2003-2004 academic year. The aim of this course is; to educate individual, centered on scientific thinking, original identity, questioning, innovative and creative artists. During the four years of education, art-culture courses such as Basic Art Education, Visual Perception, History of Culture, Art History and Philosophy are taught about the concepts and techniques of plastic arts. Department of Painting  is specialized in art practices, philosophy of art, sociology of art, and art theories. In addition the department has increased quotas in order to serve students.

In the support of the informations which reveal the meaning and connections of the contemporary world art, together with the studies that analyze the artistic behaviors that have come from the beginning, it is continued theoretically and practically in an environment that will enable the student to develop his/her  creativity by highlighting his/her own sensitivity.

Graduated students, can work as freelance artists, private institutions and public institutions, painter, art consultant, education and research institutions related to fine arts academic staff,responsible for  elective courses and art courses. Students attending the master program without thesis can work as an art teacher in secondary schools.


The Department of Painting  programme aim to educate contemporary painters, artists and academics produce original works in international level that Turkey needs to hear.


Painting Department aims to play an active role in institutions providing education in Turkey and in the Fine Arts Department of Painting; by giving arts education in undergraduate and postgraduate levelto bring out the products that will ensure the effectiveness of the Fine Arts in national and international relations with the education staff and students, to provide the sharing of artistic works produced in the academic environment with the society, to add an aesthetic value. To contribute to the development of the city in the artistic dimension. Making art a way of life.


1. To be individuals acting in accordance with the values of The Republic of Turkey and Ataturk's principles depends on the Revolution, recognizing universal values in the contemporary world, individual, with artistic and professional values.
2.To have knowledge about concepts and terms related to art field.
3.To have general knowledge about art history, aesthetics, sociology, psychology and the relationship between philosophy and art.
4. To have the necessary material knowledge and technical equipment in art and design and to be able to apply this knowledge.

Head of Department
Assoc.Prof Selda Mant MENAY 
Chief of department
Asst.Prof. Haydar Taşçılar 
Last Update Date: 19 January 2021, Tuesday